Bauchi Government Urged To Provide Infrastructure In Schools To Enhance Learning


By Abubakar Baba Ahmad

Bauchi State Government has been urged to initiate policies that would ensure the provision of reading time in schools and communities across the state.

This is part of the resolutions contained in a communiqué, issued at the end of a two day State Education meeting organized by USAID funded Leveraging Education Assistance Resources in Nigeria, LEARN to read project, held in Bauchi.

The Communique stresses the need to have Teaching and learning materials in schools for learners in the lower primary education level to be able to learn to read and read to learn in the upper basic level.

It emphasizes the need to train teacher on Early Grade Reading EGR on a regular basis to ensure children are learning in schools as well as strengthen Quality Assurance department to monitor and track full implementation of same in the state.

According to the communiqué, School Service Officers should be supported with stipends to ensure regular monitoring and support to teachers in schools.

It appeals to government and communities to provide comprehensive infrastructure such as classes, libraries, ICT facilities, to enhance learning in schools.

The LEARN to Read is a five year project aimed at supporting Early Grade Reading in Mother-tongue for first and second grade pupils in Nigeria.

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