Bauchi Gov’t Dissolves Food Monitors & Direct Feeding Committee in Boarding Schools.


Bauchi State Commissioner of Education Hajiya Jamila Dahiru

By Abubakar Baba Ahmad.

Bauchi State Ministry of Education has dissolved the Food Monitors and Direct Feeding Committee responsible for overseeing food supply activities in all boarding schools across the state.

In a statement signed by the Ministry’s Information Officer Jalaludeen Usman, the Commissioner of Education Hajiya Jamila Dahiru said the dissolution is with immediate effect.

The statement says the move which is aimed at enhancing food quality and transparency, comes at the heels of concerns regarding decline in food quality and quantity.

“Every day, the food quality and quantity are decreasing, which is unacceptable. We must be transparent in our activities and provide a working system for the betterment of students,” she notes.

It says the Commissioner emphasized the need for a unified policy to improve food monitoring and ensure transparency, expressing dissatisfaction with the current approach.

“The existing system to monitor and checkmate food activities to ensure transparency is not working. Therefore, all food monitors and the direct feeding committee are hereby dissolved with immediate effect,” Dr Jamila Dahiru stated.

While stressing that the food monitors had not been effectively fulfilling their duties, Jamila Dahiru highlighted the importance of transparency and the provision of high-quality meals for students.

According to the statement, plans were unveiled to re-evaluate the food suppliers to ensure that only those providing quality food supplies are retained.

“We are starting all over and the food suppliers will also be revisited to identify those who are delivering high-quality food supplies.”

The State Commissioner of Education in a meeting with Stakeholders at the Ministry’s headquarters.

It says the decision reflects the ministry’s commitment to prioritizing the welfare of students and maintaining the highest standards of food quality and transparency.

The statement further notes that the dissolution dissolution of the food monitors and direct feeding committee signals a renewed focus on improving food supply systems for the benefit of all stakeholders.

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