Bauchi State Judiciary Sworn New Commissioners for Oath to Stamp Issuance of fake Affidavit in the state.


By Ishaq Hardawa

The Chief Judge of Bauchi state Justice Rabi Umar has sworn-in thirty one Commissioners for oath from the state Sharia Court of Appeal division.

Justice Rabi Umar warned the appointees to shun corruption, malpractice and unethical behavior while discharging their assigned responsibilities.

She said the Judiciary under her watch would not relent in coming up with policies and innovation in line with the modern trend of judicial proceedings to check their excesses.

The Chief Judge maintained that, she would not condone abuse of power as anybody caught will face the full rath of the law.

Justice Rabi Umar observed with dismay how some staff of the judiciary are issuing fake affidavits, receipt and stamps, thereby diverting the money realised into their personal use and depriving the government revenue.

“Since our intention is to move the state forward after commencing the process of printing security forms, the revenue generated by the high court in the months of November and December 2021 recorded significant improvement ,all of which remitted to the account of state government ”

She further disclosed that some staff of the high court entered into contractual agreement with various companies worth Billions of Naira using forged stamp, forms and letter headed paper of the office of the Chief Registrar without the consent of the authority.

The Chief Judge said the staff were arrested, prosecuted and remanded in custodial center and urged people to always get their affidavits from commissioners for oath of High Court and Sharia Court of Appeal in the state.

“ I was surprised when my attention was drawn that some disgruntled elements with mischievous intention to twist the facts went round spreading rumors and raising false alarm that the chief judge has appointed a chief registrar, who is Christian to undermine the religion of Islam.

I am a muslim who followed the tenets of my religion strictly and my religion enjoined me to be fair and just to all manner of people, irrespective of their belief, creed or tribe and have sworn to uphold the provision of the Nigeria constitution as such will never do anything to undermine either my religion or the constitution.
It is worrisome that we are fighting to stop unfortunate activities in the judiciary but perpetrators are fighting us back using religion”

Justice Rabi Umar used the medium to advise the public to always verify any information to ascertain the truth as her door will remain open and transparent.

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