Borno CJTF Dismisses President as the newly appointed leader decline.


Spokesman of aggrieved CJTF group Bashir Abbas (in red barrette) suspending the President of the organisation Lawan Ja’afar at a media briefing at Press Centre Maiduguri.

By Dauda Iliya

The leadership of Borno state Youth Vanguard popularly called Civilian JTF has suspended indefinitely its President Lawan Ja’afar for alledged diversion of some property of the organisation. 

At a media briefing at the Press Centre in Maiduguri, spokesman of group Bashir Abbas said the suspension is in line with Article 6 rule 2(vi) of the CJTF constitution. 

Abbas who is also the Auditor General of the organisation alledged the suspended President misappropriated thirteen Hilux vehicles belonging to different sectors donated by Borno state government and the NNPC limited. 

“the leadership have unanimously decided to suspend its President in person of Lawan Ja’afar who is alledged to have misappropriated some Hilux vehicles given to the organisation by the Borno state government for operational purposes and two other vehicles given to the organisation by NNPC ” 

The spokesman also announced the appointment of Commander Sector 4 Baba Shehu Abdulganiyu as the acting President. 

“Pursuant to Article 6 rule 1 of the CJTF constitution, the leadership has appointed Baba Shehu Abdulganiyu as the acting President of the organisation till a substantive leader is appointed. 

In a swift reaction the pronounced acting President, Baba Shehu Abdulganiyu declined the appointment, explaining that he was consulted about the matter.

Abdulganiyu who is the super overall commander insisted that Civilian JTF is one and united, pointing out that only few individuals want to create disharmony among the group. 

The Super overall commander Baba Shehu Abdulganiyu rejecting his appointment as the acting President at a counter briefing at the NUJ Press Centre.

On the alledged diversion of vehicles, the sector Commander described it as false as there are internal mechanism within the organisation to investigate matters related to misappropriation. 

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