Centenary Celebration: Ansar-Ud-Deen Frees Four Inmates, Organise Rally In Kaduna


By Adamu Yusuf

Ansar-ud-Deen Society Kaduna Branch has released four inmates of Kaduna Medium Custodian Center, after paying their fines.

The society also presented food, drugs and household items to inmates, and held a rally within Kaduna metropolis to commemorate the Society’s centenary celebration.

Those freed are Bitrus Daniel, Monday Clement, Suleiman Aminu and Abdul Salisu from Kaduna prison.

The Society also presented to the inmates a bag of gari, cartons of indomie, sphagetti; malarial, analgesic, antibiotics, cough, catarrh drugs; sanitary pads for female inmates, washing and bathing soaps, sachets of toothpaste and a small bucket of vaseline.

ADS members had earlier held a walk from it’s Kaduna main mosque through Katsina Roundabout – Ahmadu Bello – Leventis – Yakubu Gowon Way – Bida road back to main mosque.

Speaking on their feelings after breathing fresh air of freedom, the freed inmates expressed appreciation to Ansar-ud-Deen Society for the gesture, noting that they have learnt their lessons and they would never go near what brought them to jail again. Bitrus Daniel said, “I’m grateful to God and Ansar-ud-Deen Society for bringing me out, I cannot thank you people enough. This is an opportunity for me to relive my life and I would not misuse it. I learnt many things which I would put to use. Fighting brought me to jail which I would not allow to happen again. I pray that the other inmates would also be free one day.”

Suleiman Aminu said, “I thank Allah and I thank Ansar-ud-Deen for granting me freedom. I pray that Allah would bless and protect them. I pray never to come here again, I have learnt so much lessons here and I hope to put them into use so that I won’t have any cause of coming back to jail again. I pray that would God grant other inmates freedom. Abdul Salisu noted, “I thank Allah and Ansar-ud-Deen for securing my release. May Allah protect Ansar-ud-Deen members, may they never have their freedom curtailed. With this opportunity, I pray not come back here again.”

The Acting Chairman of Ansar-ud-Deen Society Kaduna, Alhaji (Chief) Fasasi Akintunde said, “I’m very happy to witness the celebration of 100-years of Ansar-ud-Deen Society. Ansar-ud-Deen has done a lot within this period. We pray that Allah continue to reward those people who founded the Society in December 1923 for Islamic da’awah and educating Muslims. I urged our members to be in the forefront of Islam and propagation of the religion.”

Speaking on the events, the Secretary, Ansar-ud-Deen, Kaduna Branch, Alhaji Sheriff Olutusin said 42 young men founded Ansar-Ud-Deen Society on the 21st of December 1923 in Lagos to create educational avenue for Muslim children away from then missionary schools.

He added that with members in seven councils; Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Ondo, Ekiti, and Northern states, as well as, US, UK and other parts of the globe promoting tenets of Islam, ADS has established and nurtured hundreds of primary schools, scores of secondary schools, two teachers’ training colleges across the country, and a university in Offa.

“We glorify Allah for making it possible to reach this advanced stage of development. Kaduna branch, which was founded in 1941, rejoices with ADS on the Centenary Anniversary of the Society. The celebration which commences in August will be concluded with honorary awards, for those who have contributed immensely to the development of the Society, and other programs in Abuja and Lagos from 17th – 21st Dec 2023. We appeal to government at all levels to provide necessary social amenities to ameliorate the suffering of the citizens.”

The first Assistant Northern State Secretary, Alhaji Moshood Akinsanya said, “the notice of establishing Ansar-ud-Deen was to improve western education among the Muslim children. We have over 200 primary and secondary schools, ADS is now a global Islamic body with branches in North America, Europe, US and other West African countries. This centenary celebration is taking place all over the world.”

An educationist and member of the Elders Committee, Hajia Muslimat Omotosho said, “we are thanking God for sparing our lives to witness this Ansar-ud-Deen landmark. My late father, Alhaji Sani Aba used to tell me about how Ansar-ud-Deen impacted on the lives of people. The essence of the rally that we held is that it’s necessary to have exercise regularly. It’s highly important to do this from time to time. We should continue to strive to serve Allah.”

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