Cholera: Survivors Recount Their Ordeals.

By Murtala Muhammad
Cholera outbreak is a yearly occurrence in Bauchi state posing threat to people’s life especially those in the state capital.

This is linked to water contamination due to broken pipes and open defecation   as well as non-observance to personal and environmental hygiene.

In this Special report our correspondent who examined the situation in Bauchi local government area reports that out of thirty seven deaths recorded in fifteen affected LGAs, Bauchi is rated the worst hit with eighteen deaths.

This is evident in view of the recent outbreak, where residents of the state capital are currently battling the disease.
In an update shared to Radio Nigeria, by the Executive Chairman of the State Primary Health Care Development Agency, Dr. Rilwanu Mohammed says in the fifteen affected LGAs, 1799 confirmed cases have been recorded with Toro having the highest number of 165.

Some Cholera survivors in the metropolis have described the condition they went through as worrisome.

One of them, Abubakar Gidado of Unguwan Bauchi revealed that his condition started after he ate three mangoes without washing them.

“I was on my way back home from the outskirts, I bought some mangoes and ate three before reaching home, at about 1:00am my stomach started turning, that’s how it started I suffered so much” – he regretted.

recounting his ordeal, Gidado stated that cholera has distorted his health as he cannot go out to work due to body weakness.
“I thank God almighty that I’m alive, I’m feeling better now, only that my body is very weak and I cannot go to work” – said Gidado.

Another survivor, Muslim Sulaiman of Ilelah quarters who battled the disease together with his daughter expressed worry that almost every family in the area was affected, making their community the worst hit by the recent cholera outbreak in the state.

“I’m a victim together with my little daughter, cholera is very dangerous but we thank God Almighty that when we noticed it, we take proactive measures by using ORS in compliance to health experts’ advisory.

Sulaiman called on people to ensure personal and environmental hygiene and commended the state government for taking necessary measures by chlorinating wells as well as community sensitization with a view to curtailing the disease.

A resident, who pleaded anonymity, called on parents, especially mothers to be watchful of their children’s personal hygiene to prevent them from contracting cholera and other deadly diseases.

A household at Anguwan Doya whose wife died of cholera, Alhaji M Mahmood described the disease as life threatening.
“My wife fell ill of Cholera, after all efforts to save her life but in 24 hours she’s no more” – he said.

He called on the government to expedite action towards its water revitalization project to address the issue of consumption of contaminated water.

“The state government should hasten its urban water revitalisation project, so that supply of same would be realised and and also the issue of contaminated water will be addressed” Mahmood added.

In an interview, the Chief Medical Director of the State Specialist Hospital, Dr Ya’u Hameed Sulaiman said the facility being one out of the four designated centres managing cholera in the metropolis had received one hundred and eighty patients.
Dr Ya’u Sulaiman highlighted some preventive measures against communicable diseases.

“The most important thing is for people to consistently wash their hands, cook their food very well, and for fresh fruits we should make sure that we wash them very well” – Dr. Ya’u highlighted.

On the role of community leaders, the Mai Unguwan Unguwan Bauchi, Adamu Alinbayi said sensitization of his people particularly on the need to clear their gutters and evacuate drainages has been prioritized, towards safeguarding their health.

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