COP20: Amb. Malami Shehu Receives Commendation @ The Conference Of United Nations Climate Change in Dubai, UAE


By Adamu Yusuf

The Ambassador At Large African Region, International Human Rights Commission IHRC Dr. Malami Shehu Ma’aji has been commended for his contribution to the greener and more sustainable future through his active participation in Azerbaijan’s “Plant a Tree” initiative.

The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources Republic of Azerbaijan and the Heydar Aliyev Foundation presented the certificate to Ambassador Dr. Shehu Malami at the 28th session of the Conference of the United Nations Climate Change in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The letter of appreciation says Ambassador Dr. Malami Shehu’s commitment to planting a tree symbolizes a meaningful step towards environmental stewardship and enhances the natural beauty and ecological health of their nation.

“Thank you for joining us in this vital effort to nurture our plante” the letter says.

Among the delegates from almost 200 countries was the World Chairman of International Human Rights Commission IHRC Ambassador Shahid Amir Khan whom met with the Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and other world leaders advocated collective action to stop climate change worldwide.

At the conference, Ambassador At Large African Region, IHRC Dr. Malami Shehu Ma’aji met with the State Secretary and Special Envoy for International Climate Action at the Federal Foreign Ministry of Germany H E Ms. Jennifer Lee Morgan.

Amb. Dr. Malami Shehu also met the Nigerian Minister of State for Environment, Mr. Balarabe Abbas Lawal during the submit on climate change at the Nigerian Pavilion in Dubai.

In an interview with journalists, Dr. Malami Shehu Ma’aji to consider some key factors in African region particularly governance, agriculture, funding, climate change, crisis among others.

The meeting is expected to declare the submit close this Tuesday 12/12/2023.

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