Fruit Dealers Cautioned Against Use of Additives To Aid Ripening.

By Murtala Muhammad

Banana and Mango dealers in Bauchi State have been cautioned against use of carbon powder and other chemicals to hasten the fruits’ ripening period.

The Head of Nutrition Department, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital, ATBUTH Bauchi, Ibrahim Muhammad Zwall gave the advice in an exclusive interview with Radio Nigeria in his office.

Ibrahim Zwall said considering the availability of the fruits in the market, there was the need for the dealers to be careful of using any chemical on them to hasten its natural ripening time.

“They have to be selling it fresh and not to be added any chemical for it to be ripped, allow it to ripe naturally and preserve it under cool temperature because heat usually alter almost all the nutrient contents” – he said.

The Head of Nutrition Department, ATBUTH, who said as macronutrients, Banana and Mango fruits were important to human health, called on people to consume what their body needs.

“Our body needs a certain requirement that’s why they are called micronutrients, you’re not expected to take a lot of it but you should be taking it daily, the help in digestion, connecting tissue buildup and healing process” – Zwall added.

The Chairman of Banana dealers Association, Bauchi Central Market Branch, Sulaiman Uba denied using carbon powder instead admitted that they use Pear to ripe Bananas.

Sulaiman Uba said since the authorities have warned them against using the powder, they have stopped it. 

“We were using carbon powder since the governments caution us against it, we stopped and now imbibe the habit of using Pear to ripe our Bananas, that’s why your see it shining” – said Sulaiman.

A Mango seller in the metropolis Auwal Ali said his fruits are being ripped naturally without using any additives.

“I don’t use any chemical to ripe Mangoes, I only use cartons to cover it and within five days it will get ripped, agreed some of us that are eager uses carbon to ripe them and that takes at least three days” – Ali admitted.

 He called on people to be cautious of what they consume to avoid health related problems.

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