Fuel Scarcity: Motorists Demands Explanation From The Federal Government

By Usman Mohammed Zaria

Motorists in Jigawa State have continued to suffer of long queues at some fuel stations in a bid to buy petrol.

Radio Nigeria reports that, motorists in Dutse, the state capital and other major cities in the state have been experiencing fuel scarcity, causing hardship for motorists and other road users.

Our Correspondent gathered that only few filling stations have been selling fuel in the state capital while other stations were shut down.

Some of the commercial drivers interviewed Mallam  Abubakar Jahun and Aminu Kiyawa said they have no other option than to join the queues especially at the only NNPC mega station in Dutse the state capital.

“ I spent over 3 hours in the queue, because if I decide to buy from black market I may not get any profits”

He also said he joined the long queue to avoid buying adulterated fuel.

Zangina Muhammad Kura who is also a private motorists blamed the retail outlets for hoarding petrol to create hardship for the common man.

According to him,” It is quite unfortunate on how we continue to groan on fuel scarcity which consequently led to the hike of  foods and other goods and services price, high coast of living which now made life very very difficult to every average Nigerian”

” When this fuel scarcity started in September, we were told it was caused by flooding which affected some major roads, now the roads are accessible but the price keep increasing everyday, this unacceptable”

“More so NNPC did not announced any increase of pump price, So we are demanding explanation from Federal Government and NNPC on what they are doing to tackle the problem”

He also warned that, this lingering fuel crisis  must be address without further delay rather it will significantly influence the outcome of the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

They called on the Government to look into the situation and provide a solution to the suffering of the people.

Some of the filling stations visited by our Correspondent sells the fuel between 260 to 280 naira while road side black maketers sells at 1,600 to 1,800 at 400 per litre.

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