Governor Uba Sani declares open two day food fair and exhibition for economic growth.



Governor of Kaduna State, Malam Uba Sani has declared open a food fair and exhibition to serve as a platform for local producers, food artisans, chefs, and culinary enthusiasts to showcase their skills and contribute to the economic growth to the people of the State.

While declaring the fair open in Zaria, governor Uba Sani said the food fair and exhibition was organised by Zaria Metropolitan Authority to celebrate the State rich culinary heritage.

The Governor represented by his Deputy, Dr Hadiza Balarabe said Food has always been a powerful medium to connect people, transcending cultural boundaries and fostering unity.

“After all, variety is the spice of life.
I understand that the variety at this fair/exhibition also includes games, a kiddies corner, a farmers market, food eating competition, a business networking corner, and many other exciting events”

“As we bask in the delight of this fair, let us walk through the stalls today and witness the display of various attractions, including our local cuisine and traditional foods. Let us take a moment to reflect on the significance of preserving and promoting these time-honored recipes and our consumption of foods from other climes”

Governor Uba Sani pointed out that, the state traditional foods are not just a source of sustenance but a reflection of it identity, a living history that tells the story of their ancestors and the journey of it communities.

“Each dish, seasoned with the flavors of tradition, represents a connection to our roots, a bridge between the past and the present”

“In a world that is rapidly changing, events like the Zaria Metropolitan Authority Food Fair become even more significant. They provide a platform for our local producers, chefs, and culinary enthusiasts to not only showcase their skills but also contribute to the economic growth of our people”

The Governor further stated that, Kaduna State indigenous ingredients and culinary techniques have sustained people for centuries, stressing that, it is imperative that to continue to cherish and promote them.

“Let us take pride in the fact that our local dishes have the power to captivate palates far beyond our borders because of the flavors that have been passed down for generations”

“As we enjoy the array of tastes and aromas around us, let us not forget the importance of passing down these culinary traditions to future generations. Through events like this, we can instill a sense of pride and appreciation for our cultural heritage in the hearts of our children and even people from other countries”

“I commend your efforts in making this event a reality. I encourage you to continue nurturing the rich tapestry of flavors that define our state. May this event be a source of inspiration for us all as we continue to celebrate and preserve the unique flavors that make Kaduna State truly exceptional”

He appreciated the Administrator and management of Zaria Metropolitan Authority for organizing the remarkable event for brings community together by to showcasing their incredible talent of foods.

In a remark, the Administrator, Zaria Metropolitan Authority, Hajiya Balaraba Aliyu Inuwa, said the backbone of the initiative was only to promote Economic Growth at the end of the food fair and exhibition.

The fair witnessed display of the rich culinary heritage of Kaduna State, and many other attractions like games, a kiddies’ corner, eating competition and a lot of other shows.

The event was attended by Kaduna State Government officials, Chairman House Committee on Zaria Metropolitan Authority Alhaji Auwal Umar; Chairman Sabon Gari Local Government Council Muhammed Usman, Sarkin GRA 2 Yahaya Musa.

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