By Khadija Aliyu

Kano State multi door court house and the State water shed erosion and climate management agency bills have scaled the second reading at the .

Presenting the bills, the house majority leader Alhaji Labaran Abdul Madari said if passed into law, the two bills would pave way for the development of the state in various aspects.

Alh Labaran Abdul Madari, said the water shed erosion and climate change management agency bill was introduced to facilitate the establishment of an agency saddle with the responsibility of addressing erosion and climate change.

While the multi door court house bill was to greatly enhance decongestion of correctional centers and promote alternative dispute resolution.

The house has mandated it’s standing committees on judiciary and enviroment to scrutinize the bills and submit reports within a short period.

Similarly, the house has directed on the Kano State Police command to as a matter of urgency investigate the alleged shooting of two people by a police officer at Fanisau in Ungoggo local government area during a protest..

The directive was sequel to a motion of urgent public importance presented by a member representing Ungoggo local government area, Alhaji Aminu Sa’adu Ungoggo, supported by the lawmakers.

He said, the State Urban Planning Development Authority (KNUPDA) was conducting a demolition of structures at Fanisau, where some residents protested due to an earlier agreement to relocate them before the commencement of the work.

Alhaji Aminu confirmed that in an attempt to express thier feelings a police officer attached to KNUPDA shot at the protesters where two people were injured.

After dreliberations the house has for ordered immediate suspension of the demolition by KNUPDA and mandated it’s committee on land and petition to investigate the matter and submit it’s report on the 13th December 2021 for further legislative considerations.

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