Kidnapping and Selling of Our Children will no longer be tolerated -Kano Emirate, ACF Warns


By Abdullahi Jalalalluden

The Kano Emirate has fired a stern warning over the trend of kidnapping and selling children, mostly minors to southern region of the country.

The Kano state Police Command on December 27, 2023, said it had dismantled a human trafficking syndicate that specializes in abduction, buying and selling of minors.

The Command explained that nine suspects had been arrested from the syndicate, which was operating around Kano, Bauchi, Lagos, Delta, Anambra and Imo states.

It also rescued seven children, majority from Bauchi state in the hands of the suspects.

In a press conference, organized by Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, in Kano on Saturday, the Emirate condemned the act and say “it must stop.”

Speaking on behalf of the Emir of Kano at the meeting, Dan Malikin Kano, Ambassador Ahmad Umar said the Emirate would no longer condone abduction and trading of children in the state.

Mr Umar said the issue is going out of hand that proactive action must be taken to check it.

“This ugly trend must stop. We have to rise up against it. We will no longer condone a situation whereby our children are kidnapped, sold and their tribe and religion are changed.

“This illicit act must stop. We have to rise up to check the situation as it is going out of hand. The situation could not stop itself, it is we that will make it stop. It happened few years ago and now it has happened again. Only God knows how many of our children are kidnapped now,” he said.

In his remarks also, Sarkin Shanun Kano, Shehu Muhammad, said the emirate had expressed great disappointment over the abduction of minors.

Describing the situation as disturbing, Mr Muhammad called for punishment on the perpetrators to serve as a lesson to others.

The Royal member noted that Kano had been accommodating visitors for hundreds of years, emphasizing that the visitors should not take the advantage of the hospitality received by the state to commit crimes.

“Kano, for hundreds of years has been welcoming visitors and take them as it’s sons. Recently we have seen a disturbing and unfortunate incident of rescuing children trafficked to Lagos through Kano.

“The Emir expressed serious disappointment of Kano and northern Nigeria about the incident and wants to see a lasting solution to the problem,” he said.

In his remarks, the leader of Igbo community in Kano, Eze Ndigbo, Boniface Igbekwe, condemned the act and called on authorities to being the perpetrators to book.

Represented by Prime Minister of the Igbo Community, Chief Nwaimo Efanyi, Mr Igbekwe said the Igbo community had received the news of the kidnapped children rescued by the Police with shock and disbelief.

He said the entire Igbo community in Kano had dissociated themselves from the suspects and any kind of heinous acts committee in their name, stressing that they are always committed to live peacefully with one another.

“We condemned the act in its entirety in whatever guise and call for punishment on the perpetrators. We Igbo dissociate ourselves from this criminality. We call for peace with one another,”

The Eze Ndigbo commended the Kano Police Command for dismantling the syndicate and rescue of the victims, urging it not to rest on its ores until all kidnapped children are rescued.

Speaking earlier, the state Chairman of the ACF, Dr Goni Faruk Umar, thanked governor of Kano, Abba Yusuf and his counterpart of Bauchi, Bala Mohammed for their commitment and support to the victims and their parents.

“Our call is to Police to double up their efforts in searching and bursting these criminal gangs. We really commend the Police for this breakthrough. We thank them immensely.

“Our call is also to the judiciary. They should fear God. Atimes these suspects would be charged to court by Police but later on you see them released and moving freely. We therefore call on the judiciary to be diligent and ensure the perpetrators face the wrath of the law.

“To legislatures, we urge you to make robust legislation against this act of kidnapping and abduction of people. All hands must be on deck to check this ugly trend, “

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