Ministry of Steel Development to diversify economy through strategic partnerships and investing in research.



The Ministry of Steel Development says it will reposition the sector by investing in research and strategic collaboration for economic diversification in line with the Renewed Hope Agenda of the President Bola Tinubu Administration.

The Minister of State for Steel Development, Alhaji Uba Ahmadu stated this during a working visit to the National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency in Kaduna.

Alhaji Uba Ahmadu said the pursuit of steel raw materials was not merely an industrial endeavor, but a cornerstone of the nation progress, underpinning infrastructure, innovation, and national development.

According to the Minister, Ministry of Steel Development is currently building on the roadmap of this government by putting heads together with the technocrats in the Ministry and listening to a lot of professionals in the sector with a view to solving the encumbrances they have along the line.

Alhaji Ahmadu stressed the need for all stakeholders in the resources sector to join hands and unite in their pursuit towards a future where the untapped potentials beneath in Nigeria soil, transforms into the steel structures that support the nation’s growth.

The Minister reaffirmed the commitment of the Ministry to support, enhance, and propel the National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency and other agencies of the Ministry to perform beyond expectation for better productivity.

“It is an honour to stand before you today at the National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency here in Kaduna. As the Minister of State, I am privileged to partake in this familiarization working visit, emphasizing the pivotal role this agency plays in our nation’s economic development”

“Here in Kaduna, where the ground whispers tales of untapped resources, we stand at the threshold of potential prosperity”

“The rich ores and unexplored terrains symbolize our collective opportunity to bolster our industrial landscape. This agency’s dedication to exploration, innovation, and sustainable mining practices holds the key to unlocking these treasures, not just for today but for the generations that follow.”

“Our vision extends beyond mere extraction; it resonates with responsible utilization and environmentally conscious practices. We’re committed to harnessing these resources while preserving the ecological balance for a sustainable and thriving future”

Alhaji Uba Ahmadu who moved round the National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency in Kaduna and inspected the facilities, pledged to support the agency to addressing some of the challenges facing it interns of operation.

He pointed out that, president Bola Tinubu administration is committed to developing not only the steel sector but all sectors that will lead to the development of the great country.

In a remark, the Director General, National Steel Raw Materials Exploitation Agency, Mr Kolawale Micheal Ogunbiyi emphasized the need for government to provide Special intervention fund to complete the Obi Coal project.

Mr Ogunbiyi noted that, the investigation conducted by the agency revealed that, the only Obi Lafiya Semi cooking Coal is yet to be fully developed.

According to him, if the coal project is fully developed, it is capable of reducing the importation of cooking Coal, described it as one of the major raw materials needed in Steel Production.

Mr Kolawale Ogunbiyi said the integrated Steel Complex in Ajakuta is yet to take off optimally, adding that, to revamp the sector is paramount as steel production is key to economic growth, job and wealth creation as well as sustainable future.

According to him, in the final analysis, domestic Steel Production would gradually replace foreign import of Steel, thereby reducing heavy demand on the Nation foreign exchange.

The Director General also hinted that, sustainable supply of raw materials for the Iron and Steel Industry remains paramount if Nigeria want to be among the steel producing nation.

The Minister was company by the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Steel Development and other Directors of the Ministry.

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