NAHCON Announces The Dateline Of Issuance Of Visa For 2024 Hajj


By Adamu Yusuf

National Hajj Commission of Nigeria says issuance of Visa for next year’s hajj will be stopped forty five days before Arafat.

Chairman of the Commission, Alhaji Zikrullah Kunle Hassan
stated this during a review meeting for the first time since the conclusion of 2023 Hajj with Executive Chairmen of states, Agencies and tour operator held at Hajj House, Abuja.

The Alhaji Hassan said this is in accordance with the new Saudia Arabia in other to have the exact records of the pilgrim who will be performing Hajj for the year.

Other issues reviewed at the meeting according to the Chairman was the issue of poor feeding at the Musha’ir during the past hajj and that the commission is doing everything possible to retrieve the money from the service providers so as to take it back to the pilgrims.

Alhaji Zikrullah also announced the exchange rate at the moment and how it will affect the intending pilgrim, noting that the hajj fare will rise.

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