New Naira Note Scarcity: Commercial Activities Paralyzed In Jigawa  

By: Usman Mohammed Zaria

Commercial Activities has been paralyzed in Jigawa state as people spend days on queues to withdraw money from ATM while old notes are been rejected ahead of Central Bank of Nigeria CBN deadline.

Radio Nigeria reports that, local markets, traders, food vendors  other small and medium businesses are virtually shutdown which consequently thrown families into untold hardship.

People seems confused as no where to get new notes to feed their families while many lamented how the CBN policy is unfriendly to rural communities.

Bashir Maidaura a grain business man, said he spent two days at ATM point to get money for buying grains at local markets as old Naira notes are no longer accepted there.

” I have been on the queue for two days but I only got 100,000, while I need Two million Naira as usual to go to Soro market in Bauchi state to buy rice from local farmers”

“My account is individual, the withdraw limit can not give me access to the amount i needed , while my business partners local farmers have no bank account and literacy  to accept transfer, so we are all in unprecedented dilemma”

Saifullahi Ibrahim of Kudai town in Dutse local government who was found standing at ATM very exhausted and furious as he sent more than 12 hours without getting the new note to feed his children”

” This CBN policy is very disgusted  unfriendly and unfair to us electorate who voted this APC government into power”

” The new Naira note is not even available, I don’t have it , for three days now I can’t feed my children talkless of paying their daily transportation fares to school, please Baba Buhari we beg you in the name of God to reconsider the extension of the deadline for old Note”.

Our Correspondent observed that, only ten local governments out of 27 LGA’s in the state have functional banks, the rural communities are facing untold hardship as they lacked access to any financial institution for exchanging their old note with new ones.

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