By Khadija Aliyu

The national human rights commission (NHRC), Kano office,says it has recorded 1,547 cases of human rights violations, from January 2023 to date.

The NHRC Kano state co-ordinator Alhaji Shehu Abdullahi, made the disclosure during an exclusive interview with Radio Nigeria in Kano.

According to him,out of the total number of one thousand five hundred and fourth seven cases, 1,320 were concluded while 2,27 are ongoing.

He stressed that,the complaints were focused on six thematic areas which are,women and gender rights,rights of children,civil and political rights, discrimination,economic and sociocultural rights.

Shehu noted that, abandonment of family responsibilities constitutes the lion share of cases with 720 complaints,domestic violence 250,custody and access to children 27, and forceful marriage 10.

“Rights of children 310,survival and development 300, sexual abuse 10, civil and political rights 32,unlawful arrest and detention 12,threat to life 5, access to justice 15, discrimination 25”

The coordinator pointed out that, the national human rights commission (NHRC), was dedicated to gaining international and local recognition, on human rights advancement.

He hinted that the commission, has achieved a great milestone at the international level, as it was elected as governing board member of the global alliance of national human rights institutions, and member of the network of African national human rights institutions working group on migration.

Shehu, attributed the success to the commitment of the federal government, under the leadership of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu who signed and ratified the protocol of African charter on human and peoples rights, on the rights of PWDs in Africa.

The coordinator highlighted that, the effects has indicated Nigeria’s dedication to promoting inclusivity, accessibility and full realization of the rights of people living with disabilities (PWDs).

“There are a lot of human rights violations in terms of migration,Nigeria has done well in respect of preserving the rights of migrants”

Radio Nigeria reports that, the national human rights Commission (NHRC), serves as an extra-judicial mechanism for the respect and enjoyment of human rights in Nigeria.

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