A Consultant Hematologist with Abubakar TAfawa Balewa Teaching Hospital Bauchi Dr Rufai Dachi has called on Nigerians to donate blood towards saving the lives people especially those in critical condition.

Dr Rufai Dachi who spoke in commemoration of the world blood donor day at ATBUTH Bauchi said the world Health organization set aside 14 June every year to celebrate the day.

Dr Dachi who is also the Head of department Heamatology and blood Transfusion explain that blood donors must be between the ages of 18 and 65.

He said the benefits of blood donation to include knowing Hepatitis and HIV status,pschological satisfaction and slow borne marrow weakness while ageing.

“As you are active now within the the age of 20,30, 40 usually that is the face of life where somebody is active and the born marrow at that time is very very active but is the normal ageing process once somebody reached age of 70 80 the born marrow slow down,at that age if somebody is still alive you Will see that must of those elderly the use to receive blood on and on
At time it has been observed scientifically that people that have been donating blood the rate at which their born marrow become weak is slow.

The Consultant Hematologist decried low turnout of voluntary blood donors in the state and appealed for more blood donation to save life.

Dr Rufai Dachi who dismissed the insinuation that women don’t donate blood urged them to voluntarily donate for use during emergencies.

Speaking the officer in charge of ATBUTH Blood Bank Abubakar Hassan who said the department carry out thorough screening of blood before donation by subjecting the samples to rapid diagnostic test and laser scanning method,assured that all blood donated are given free of charge to patients during emergency.

Some of the voluntary donors interviewed safeena Bello Sabon Sara and Abubakar Yahaya express gratitude to God for being part of this year’s blood donors.

The theme for this year’s world Blood donor day is,GiVE BLOOD AND KEEP THE WORLD BEATING.

Ishaq Hardawa

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