NMDPRA seals 14 fuel stations for selling above stipulated price in Kano

By Khadija Aliyu

The Nigeria Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA), has shut down 14 fuel stations for selling above the stipulated pump price in Kano.

The NMDPRA State Coordinator, Alhaji Muhammad-Sama, made the disclosure during a surveillance in Kano on confirmation, discharge and price regulations.

According to him,the fuel stations were selling at the sum of N300 and N295 per litre, above the stipulated pump price of N250 to N280 per litre as.

“We have strict regulations to punish the offenders which include: revoking their licence of operation, sanction them on payment of penalty and invalidation of transaction”

The sealed fuel stations include:
Azman oil and gas Maiduguri road, Red Star, Allah na Nan Zaria Road, A Y Maikifi Western bypass, SID Zaria Road, Alaj Petroleum Co.Ltd and Danlami petroleum.

Others include two Audu Manager and sons Limited,Rimi Holdings Nigeria Limited, Rabash Enterprises Nig.Ltd, IDM Makole Nig Ltd, Alhaji Ahmadu Ila and Sons and Haab investment limited.

“For now the sealed fuel stations will be snactioned to pay the sum of N150,000 per pump nozel as long as they are willing to revert prices that are convinient for the public”

Muhammad-Sama further explained that,
major marketers that are depo owners are selling fuel at the sum of N185 per litre.

“It is not fair to ask Independent marketers who are buying from major marketers to also sell it at the price of N185.

The State Coordinator, pointed out that, the authority had also sealed over 120 fuel stations in Kano in Dec. 2022.

He stressed that, any station that refused to discharge or sell above stipulated price would face stiffer sanctions.

“Invalidation is the authority that pays equalisation payment of N45 per litre for each fuel they transport from Lagos or Port Harcourt”

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