Operation Hadin Kai inaugurates Court Martial for trial of suspected Personnel.


Representative of Theatre Commander Major General Musiliu Bello with members of the Court Martial

By Abdullahi Gambo in Maiduguri

The Theatre Commander Joint Task Force Northeast Operation Hadin Kai, Major General Gold Chubuisi has inaugurated General Court Martial to try Personnel found wanting in the discharge of their duties.

Major General Gold Chubuisi says about thirty five (35) Soldiers who were suspects of different offences shall undergo the proceedings to receive the verdicts based on the acts committed.

Represented by the Deputy Theatre Commander Major General Olatokunbo Musiliu Bello, the Theatre Commander explained that the offences that were charged against the Personnel include rape, murder, lost of service property, failure to perform military duties and amongst other offences and also charged the Presiding Judges and other members of the Court Martial for speedy trial.

Suspected Personnel that will undergo trial at the General Court Martial

He said Nigerian Military was known for its discipline and reiterated to uphold it to ensure no Military Personnel contravening the law is left unpunished.

The Theatre Commander tasked the Judges to avoid negativity that will undermine the smooth conduct of the Court as well as the Lawyers to assert their professional conduct that will assist the Court in achieving Justice.

Major General Gold Chubuisi warned that frivolous adjournment should be avoided and make sure that day to day sitting are maintain as provided by the book.

He noted that the conduct of the Military trials under the Armed Forces is to allow the Armed Forces to deal with matters that directly deals with discipline, efficiency and moral of the Military.

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