PCACC Threatens to Seize Hoarded Goods ,Prosecute Culprits


By Abdullahi Jalalalluden

The Executive Chairman of Kano Public Complaint and Anti-Corruption Commission Barrister Muhyi Magaji, Chairman of the (PCACC), says the commission would not hesitate seizing horded good as well as Prosecuting the culprits.

Magaji disclose this during a press briefing at the commission’s headquarters in Kano regarding the surge in prices of goods across the nation.

He explained that the commission would take decisive action against individuals found to be hoarding essential commodities.

“The PCACC will swing into action and will not watch businessmen hoarding commodities. We know there is the issue of forex, but those that hoard goods, even if the Federal Ministry of Commerce does not act, we will seize hoarded goods and take the owner to court”

Expressing concern over the rampant hoarding and inflationary pressures, Barrister Muhyi Magaji emphasized the commission’s determination to fulfill its mandate.

“We are overwhelmed; this is the most essential part of our job,”

“We have inspected rice mills and its 58 thousand Naira at the company’s price,”

Muhyi Magaji also acknowledged that beyond forex and government policies, certain business practices exacerbate the situation.

He added that the agency would not fold it’s arms and watched some unpatriotic citizens hoards the community which resulted to high cost of living among Nigerians.

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