Plan Int’l, Stakeholders holds advocacy meeting on exclusive breastfeeding in Yobe


By Mohammed Dala Lawan

Plan International an NGO based in Yobe held a one-day advocacy meeting on exclusive breastfeeding in the state.

The meeting which took place on Monday at the Organisation’s conference hall drew participants from the plan International staff as well as Stakeholders around the Yobe community as part of the support of exclusive breastfeeding, six months of maternity leave, introduction of paternity leave as a baby-friendly workplace for breastfeeding mothers in the state.

Nutrition project coordinator of Plan International Yobe state, Mr. Ademola Ogunyeme said the advocacy meeting is also part of the closure of 2023 world breastfeeding event in the state with this year’s 2023 theme: “Making a difference for working parent”.

Ogunyeme stated that, advocacy are still in place and revision of policies to ensure the state have bring to reality of six(6), months of leave for breastfeeding mothers so that they can actualize their exclusive breastfeeding window period of six months.

The nutrition project coordinator further revealed that, some of the women are not aware of the benefit of this breastfeeding.

“In our own effort with that of Yobe state Government which we know they are digging a very good lead in promoting breastfeeding among women in the state”,he added.

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