Police vows to go after Kano blacksmiths fabricating weapons for criminals


By Abdullahi Jalalalluden

The Kano State Police Command has disclosed its plans to begin a clampdown on blacksmiths in the state engaged in the fabrication of weapons for criminals.

The Commissioner of Police in the state, Mohammed Gumel, made the disclose this while briefing newsmen on the efforts of the police toward dislodging hoodlums from Dala Hills in the Dala Local Government Area of the state.

The CP disclosed that he had sent an invitation to blacksmiths for dialogue, during which they would be educated on the dangers of fabricating weapons for members of the public.

“You can see the various types of knives on display, and anybody, who looks at these knives would know that they were not fabricated for domestic use but rather for committing violence against human beings.”

“From the edges of the knives, they have the semblance of jackknives, only be used by officers of conventional services, comprising the military and the police.”

“Currently, our artisans, blacksmiths, are now producing these weapons without minding the consequences, but all they know is to produce and sell them to criminals at give-away prices. Thereafter, the criminals arm themselves with the weapons, which they use to attack innocent citizens and kill if they refuse to surrender their property.”

He urged the general population to contiue to accord maximum security, geared towards Achieving the stated goals.

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