Ambassador Dr Hajara Ibrahim Salim (middle), former NUC Executive Secretary Professor Abdurrasheed Abubakar and Lincoln University Malaysia Official at the presentation of Certificate to establish the Lincoln University Kumo in Gombe State.

By I.G Magaji

Politics is actually not my area of expertise nor a field to my liking but with certain happenings of recent, I felt the need to bulldoze my way into the political landscape not for politicking but to hold sway some of our youth or rather political jobbers who have carved a niche for themselves in the game as “money mongers” or “material prostitutes”.

These sets of people have neither imbibed the Culture, ideology nor leaning towards a school of thought. One in recent years would have dreamt to liken our youth to the struggles of NADECO, Aminu Kano’s RED Cap movement who have metamorphosed into Kwankwasiyya and of course to cap it is the Buharist i.e the followers of the immediate past President Muhammadu Buhari.

Every and every politician in this political era whether old or young should have certain principles and objectives as why they’re supportive of a particular candidate, party or movement.

It is with utter dismay to have stumbled upon a disoriented piece written by one I’ll describe as a “Shoddy Contractor” who tried in his boxed up corner to ridicule a seasoned Civil Servant by every respect and yardstick, a Mother by virtue of all Social Inclinations and a Leader by the quality and quantity of work done within the shortest of span.

Dr Hajara Salim has made a name not just for herself but for the Jewel in the Savannah (Gombe they call it) in every sphere of human endeavour, be it in the executive, legislative and now political scene(foreign diplomacy).

When recession coupled with COVID 19 pandemic where knocking on our doors, making every potential source of revenue lean for government, Hajara Salim was already on top trying to bring the best to her constituents from far away foreign land.

When Governments were struggling with how to pay salaries and provide emergency support, no one could think of resuscitating a tertiary institution, but it was not the case for Ambassador Dr Hajara Ibrahim Salim (Jakadiyar Akko) who worked to ensure that a world class academic institution from far away Malaysia to establish its presence in the depth of Galadima Barunde’s enclave of Kumo which is rather situated in the already known volatile Northeast subregion of Nigeria (first in history of the state).

If we could just pick one out of so many achievements of Dr Salim, the struggle to get a world class institution, that is Lincoln University Malaysia to establish its presence in Kumo to offer standard education to our youth without stepping out of their comfort zone is alone the greatest achievement of all.

To say that Ambassador Salim was not participatory in the political activities of either Akko or Gombe is like saying a bird cannot fly. For clearance of doubt, Hajara Salim was a Member of the Gombe Governorship Campaign Council GCC as well as the Assistant Secretary Diaspora Committee of the Presidential Campaign Council all of the APC.

With this alone, one would ask, Do people nowadays write in their sleep or just concoct fallacies just to score cheap goals and smear an image well build over a length of decades?

If the So-called Adamu Umar Kumo – to me a “doppelganger”- had created a meaningful time to read just a portion of Dr Hajara Salim’s Curriculum vitae, he would have known that it would have taken him almost two lifetimes to come close to her achievements.

Ambassador Salim can be described or imaged as the pictorial representation of modern day Queen Amina of Zaria, Ladi Kwali in the art of Pottery, Sarah Jibrin in active politics as well as Hajiya Gambo Sawaba a women’s rights activist, politician and philanthropist.

Let the naysayers bring forth something tangible in their gullible effort to discredit Dr Hajara Salim’s performance and galvanised support to the APC at all levels or forever hold their peace before it shatters into pieces.

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