Religious Group Advocates Love and Humility as True Practice of Christianity.


By Daniel Karlmax.

A Non denominational Christian group, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star wants leaders at all levels of governance to embrace humility and servanthood as exemplified by Jesus Christ to attract divine transformation in the Country.

The Deputy Spokesman of the Organization, Archbishop Emmanuel Ekuri made the call during a media Briefing in Kaduna ahead of its 2023 Annual programme with the theme “the celebration of divine manifestation of God”

Archbishop Emmanuel explained brotherhood of the Cross and Star, as the gathering of all creations of God regardless of denomination or religion who bears the burden of one another in love with the expectation of glory in Christ Jesus.

He pointed out the need for leaders in the country and the global community to return to God and embrace his teachings, which according to him was key to ending the myriads of challenges across the globe.

The Religious Leader explained that, God’s purpose on earth was to establish His kingdom and unite the human family, hence the need for his believers to embrace and practice universal love, peace and unity, including truth and righteousness for the good of mankind.

“Let it be known that, except leaders of the world embrace all the divine precepts of the Brotherhood of man, where all forms of discrimination shall cease to exist, and the Fatherhood of God where all men shall worship the one and only living God, man shall continue to wallow in spiritual darkness,

“We wish to make it clear to leaders of the world and government at all levels that the solution to the myriads of the problems bedeviling mankind today, such as social hostilities, natural disasters and diseases, some of which have defiled cure, we make bold to inform the world that the solution to all these crises lie in the teachings of God” he explained.

According to the Clergyman, the spiritual programme is targeted toward ensuring a spiritual upliftment of people through the practical teachings of the word of God, who is the creator of the heavens and the earth, and whose wisdom superceded that of men.

Describing the non denominational group as Christ Universal School of Practical Christianity, the deputy spokesman said that, the celebration of the divine manifestation of God provided a platform for the public and the entire world to have access to the accurate knowledge
of truth, which he said was key to attracting divine intervention.

He said activities lined up to mark the five-day spiritual events included charity work, prayer and fasting for the nation, and public lectures on “the impact of God’s manifestation on human civilization”.

According to the man of God, the program would draw global attention on the need to embrace the exemplary lifestyle and teachings of leader Olumba Olumba Obu (God) which he posited was an effective instrument for global peace, security and wellbeing of the human race.

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