Sayawa Chiefdom: Committee Suggests Solutions to the Lingering Disputes.

By Isiyaka Wunti

The committee set up to resolve lingering disputes on the establishment of Sayawa Chiefdom has recommended that the proposed Chiefdom should comprise the whole of Bogoro local government area while the non Sayawa within local government should be allow to decide whether or not they want to be part of the Chiefdom through referendum.

The Committee also guested that the areas in Tafawa Balewa Local Government which are predominantly occupied by Sayawa Community should form part of the Chiefdom.

However, the committee recommended that a referendum should be conducted in areas that are occupied by non Sayawa Community to decide whether or not they want to be part of the Chiefdom to guarantee peaceful coexistence.

Presenting the report to the State Governor Bala Mohammed, the Chairman of the Committee Ambassador Jibrin Dada Chinade said the report suggested how to identify the most suitable location for establishment of headquarters of the proposed Chiefdom.

While hoping for careful and timely implementation of the report, the committee called for amnesty to those indited in the previous reports by Justice Baba Lakin, Shehu Awak and Justice Bala Umar led committees.

Receiving the report, Governor Bala Mohammed who commended the committee for the job well done expressed confidence that development would bring lasting solution to the lingering dispute.

Governor Bala Mohammed however, said the report will be presented at the state executive council for further action before subsequent implementation.

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