Stakeholders in UN Women, Peace and Security project converge on Bauchi for the drafting of a Peace document.


By Abubakar Baba Ahmad

Stakeholders in the UN Women,   Peace and Security project in four states across the country have expressed hope that the peace template being developed would serve as a guiding document towards ensuring lasting peace.

The project currently running under International Alert and the Principles for Inclusive Peace P4IP Initiative in four states of Bauchi, Benue, Borno and the FCT seeks to reshape the way peace processes are conducted.

The North East Program Coordinator International Alert Mary Hwyere stated this while speaking with Radio Nigeria at a one day participatory workshop on Inclusive Peace held in Bauchi.

Mary Hwyere said the workshop seeks to capture the views and perspectives of various stakeholders on how peace processes should be framed.

“This workshop or consultative forum is called principles for Inclusive Peace, so the overall goal is to reshape the way peace processes are conducted and we can only do this by inclusion, inclusion meaning we ensure that the voices of all stakeholders are being captured” she said.

She commended the participants for the positive response and for being active throughout the period of the consultation.

“and we had a very active participation from the various groups, I was fascinated to see that each of rhe group had people giving very valid and very open conversations and saying what their views should be and so the aim is to get their views which we haveand this would be consolidated” she disclosed.

According to the North East Coordinator, the workshop is currently ongoing across the four participating states while recommendations would be compiled into a single working document.

The Consultations workshops had in attendance thirty four participants from various sectors to include Security, Judiciary, Justice, Women and Youth groups, CSOs, religious and traditional leaders, the Media among others.

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