By Fidelis Jockthan

The organized Labour in Adamawa State is to join other states nationwide on 27th January 2022 to stage a protest rally against the federal government’s plan to remove fuel subsidy this year.

This was announced by the Chairman of Nigeria Labour Congress ( NLC) Comrade Emmanuel Fashe during an extra-ordinary joint session with Civil society organizations, the National Youth Council of Nigeria, the Students Union Government, Leadership of Keke-NAPEP riders, Gamzaki union, and 33 labor unions that formed the organized Labour.

The enlarged meeting was at the instance of the National Secretariat of NLC.

On the wheels of these Mega protests that may ground economic activities on 27th January 2022, a 9-Man mobilization Committee was constituted to be headed by Acting Secretary of NLC in the state, Dr.Batholomew Nyalas.

The National Youth Council of Nigeria has about 200 youth organizations including faith-based and all will be mobilized throughout Adamawa state for the rally.

The two front burners on the issue are the removal of fuel subsidy, arbitrary increase in electricity tariffs, and other economic auxiliary issues that have been cracking down on human survival as citizens of Nigeria.

The issue of the inability Of the federal government to revive and build more refineries was another major issue that provoked the organized Labour nationwide.

The NLC in a communique issued on Friday in Abuja and signed by National President, Ayuba Wabba and General Secretary, Emmanuel Ugboaja warned that removing the fuel subsidies would have negative economic effects on Nigerian workers and lead to hyperinflation.

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