The Significance of Boxing Day


By Akanta Hannah from Yola.

26th December is always celebrated as Boxing Day by Christians across the globe.

The day has nothing to do with the sport of boxing, it is a holiday observed by Christians, being a day to receive and give out gifts as well as a day to spend time with family and friends.

Some residents in Yola the Adamawa state capital who spoke to Fombina news explain what Boxing Day means to them.

Two residents, Emmanuel Nwaimo and Paul Tsoke in their separate opinions said Boxing Day is a day to unwrap gifts given by loved ones and as well a day to give gifts to people not minding differences of any kind.

Another resident, Sunday said he doesn’t know what boxing day means, he just feels it’s just another day after Christmas where you continue with the Christmas celebration.

Shading light on the origin and significance of the day, the priest in charge of Saint Augustine Catholic Church, Bekaji, Reverend Father John Iyekowa, explained that Boxing Day is a holiday that holds different meanings to different people but from its origin, it has to do with boxes placed in the church to get donations to help the poor and these boxes are opened on boxing day.

According to him, in recent times, boxing day is not limited to churches giving alms to the poor but it’s now a day to share gifts, adding that this show of love involves everybody.

He maintained that some employers, masters, and wealthy individuals in the society pay the salaries of their staff with additional bonuses in the spirit of giving in this season.

Reverend Father John called on everyone celebrating boxing day not to only give financial gifts but to embrace peace, give the gift of peace and unity, stressing that Nigeria and the entire world are greatly in need of these gifts for peaceful coexistence.

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