By Abdullahi Jalalalluden

The Team New Nigeria, TNN, has called for effective good governance at federal, state and local government for the well being of the general population.

The National Director Media Engagement of the TNN Alhaji Imran Jimoh made the call during a media briefing held in Kano.

He advised President Ahmad Bola Tinubu to gives more priorities to local Production, if truly his government means to end poverty, hunger and starvation in the land.

He said the amount of hardship in the Country is unprecedented that government needs to refocus it’s attention on local Production to change the narrative.

Alhaji Imran Jimoh cautioned Nigerians against revolting against the Federal Government in the wake of Poverty, hunger and Starvation that engulfed the Nation.

The TNN, who rose from a brainstorming stakeholders meeting in Kano, said revolting against Government would not solve the situations, rather it will amplified it and create anarchy and serious Uncertainty that would completely crippled the Nation.

The National Director Media Engagement cautioned Nigerians against revolting against the Government in the face of the serious decayed in the economy, resulting in hunger and serious starvation, worrying that doing so will results into anarchy.

“Nigerians, should be patient they should not loose hopes in the Government because there is a hope in the pipeline and with enough patients and understanding the Country would be better soon”.

The Team Nigeria, said that they would work extra mile to ensure that they take away people’s from the vicious cycle of hopelessness and to something that will give them desire, hopes and vision.

Jimoh noted that it is true that there should be a new narrative in the way the Government carried out it’s functions, but that should be done carefully to achieve desire results.

He added that there works is to ensure that they started campaign of changing the psych of Nigerians more specifically the Electorates to stopped voting Politicians who induced them with Soap, Rice, Spaghetti and other items that have no values on their lives.

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