Traders Rejects Old Naira Notes Denominations and Threaten Total Closure

By Abdulkahi Tukur

Bearly few days to the dateline by the Central Bank of Nigeria CBN for old currency denomination to stop circulation in the country, traders in Kebbi state have started rejecting old denominations of 200, 500 and 1000 Naira from their customers while some have issued dateline of 25 of January.

Equally, some shops were closed, customers were seen stranded and well as people can not afford to buy daily used products.

Similarly, fuel filling stations were also rejecting the old denominations while some have even stopped selling the products.

Following intensive markets, motor packs and street walk sensitization by the CBN in the state, still traders rejects the old denominations.

The traders complaint of non availability of the new naira denominations in banks and on circulation saying, that was why they are rejecting the old ones from customers.

Most super markets and the main market in the state gave out there stand of closure by 26th of January if the new naira notes are not available on circulation.

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