Twenty Out Of One Hundred Nigerians have Mental disorder.


Dr Yakub Fauwaz Faruk Psychiatric Doctor with Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University University Teaching Hospital Bauchi

By Ishaq Hardawa

Government at all level have been urge to take more stringent measures towards stopping the circulation of Psychoactive Substances in the society.

A psychiatric Doctor with Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital Bauchi Dr Yakub Fawaz Faruk made the appeal during an interview with our reporter on world Mental Health day Celebration in Bauchi.

Dr Yakub Fauwaz Faruk said Psychoactive Substance is the major cause of mental disorder, explains that the world Mental Health day was set aside by the world Health Organization to increase more awareness about the disorder.

He said twenty percent of Nigerians are having one form of Mental Health Challenge or the other.

” Government should subsidized the cost of living becouse this enough can course Mental Health Challenges in this Country”

Dr Yakub Fauwaz mention some of the symptoms of mental health to include Lack of sleeping, persistent headche, talking out of context, agreesive without provocation others include abnormal test, gradious delution, doudteness among others.

The psychiatric Doctor who said factors responsible for Mental Health Challenge include Depression, use of Psychoactive Substances, anxiety disorder among others, emphasised that mental health manifest in children as Storbness and epilepsy.

“Acute life event lost of assets, love ones can also lead to depression but there are modifiable and non modifiable factors”

Dr Yakubu Faruk use the medium to appeal to parents to avoid been to harsh to their children to serve them from depression related disorders.

The theme for this year’s World Mental Health day is Mental Health, is the Universal Human Right.

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