Use Your PVC’s Wisely -NPM Tells Eligible Voters.


By Abdullahi Jalaluddeen

Nigerians have been urged to redouble their efforts in revalidating their Voters Registration Cards with aim of having a choice to vote for Credible leaders Come 2023.

The Coordinator, Northern Progressive Movement Salisu Mubarak, stated this while reading a communique on behalf of the forum after a brain storming session which held at Mumbayya House.

He said the Northern progressive Movement believed that it is time to save Nigeria out of the present political, economic and social doldrums hence efforts needed to be put together in ensuring that the stated goals were being Achieved .

The Forum further stated that it is also apparent that the present crop of leadership are absolutely clueless and totally bereft of ideas hence, the reasons for all manners of abnormalities which point to the fact that Nigeria State is not just falling by the day, but that it has failed completely to meet the yearning and aspirations of the people.

Salisu Mubarak Noted that the stakeholders commend president Mahammadu Buhari for signing the electoral bill into law saying, though it came very late but it is still far better than when declined.

” The act is commendable at any rate as we believe and hope that history will bring a lot of significant visible changes in our entire electoral space”, Salisu was quoted in the communique.

He further explained that the new bill features clauses like electronic transmission of results, compulsory usage of card readers, provision for people with special needs, resignation of political office holders before the conduct of party primaries at least 180 days before general election amongst others

They charge Nigerians to elect the right persons devoid of religious, tribal or sectional bias as the 2023 election draws nearer.

The Northwest Conscience Forum for a better Nigeria Also adopted African Democratic Congress (ADC) as the third force and the platform to actualize their political ambition in 2023 and beyond.

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