We’ve taken viable Steps to Address water Shortage in Kano – Commissioner


By Abdullahi Jalaludden

The Kano State Government says it has taken viable Steps of tackling Shortage of portable drinking water in the State.

The Commissioner for Water Resources Alhaji Sadiq Aminu Wali Stated this while briefing Journalist in Kano.

He said the Challenge of scarcity of Portable drinking water in some areas of the state was a problem that was Attributed to many issues which have been inherited from the Previous Administrations in Kano.

Alhaji Sadiq Aminu Wali explained that one of the major reasons that contributed to water Shortage in Kano includes Population explosion, Decaying infrastructure inherited from previous Administrations,and usage of obeselete equipments is Some of the water Treatment plants Among Others.

” Since the Inception of the current Administration in kano much Emphasis were being put in place to address the challenge, Donor agencies have been reached and concessional loan have been Accessed from French Development Agency to do Rehabilitation of the two major water works in Kano City, Challawa and Tamburawa”

He said the rehabilitation that would be conducted in the two major water works includes rehabilitation of the existing infrastructure,pipes , metering,and expansion in some of the key local Government Areas within the State.

The Commissioner maitained that when Rehabilitations were Completed the issue of water Shortage would become a thing of the past.

Alhaji Sadiq Aminu Wali Attributed some of the major Causes of water Shortage to lack of adequate Power Supply,Stressing that without adequate supply of constant power supply the water pumps would not be able to pump the water through the pipes to the public.

“To mitigate this problem Kano state Government recently signed an Agreement with the Niger Delta power Holding Company so that uninterrupted power supply would be availed to our Facilities, but to be frank we are facing a challenge with the Kano electricity distribution company Kedco who owned the electricity distribution for the Kano Catchment area , they are against the agreement because it their distribution Catchment area, we are trying our best to sort it out.

Alhaji Sadiq Aminu Wali urged the General populace to also contribute there own Quota in taking good care of water facilities and equipment in there areas with the aim of Achieving the set objectives.

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