Bauchi Education Commissioner Issues Warning to Boarding School Managers Over Food Misappropriation.


By Abubakar Baba Ahmad.

The Bauchi State Commissioner of Education Dr Jamila Dahiru has warned Principals, Storekeepers and Food Masters across all boarding schools against misappropriation of food items.

In a statement, the Ministry’s Information Officer Jalaludeen Usman says the Commissioner sounded the warning at a meeting with principals, storekeepers, and food masters in a bid to address food supply concerns at boarding schools.

According to the statement, the meeting focused on tackling issues of misappropriation of food items, ensuring quality and quantity control, and enforcing timely feeding schedules

It further notes Dr. Jamila Dahiru’s emphasis on the ministry’s zero-tolerance policy for the misappropriation of funds, inflated figures for food supplies, delayed or inaccurate reporting of irregularity, late retirement of funds among others.

“The ministry will not hesitate to take disciplinary action against anyone found engaging in these practices,” the Commissioner warns.
“Our top priority is the well-being of our students, and they deserve access to quality and adequate meals.”

The statement says the Commissioner emphasized the importance of trustworthiness and transparency among school officials responsible for food management.

“Misappropriation of funds:No diversion of funds allocated for perishable food items will be tolerated.
Inflated figures:Submitting false or exaggerated figures for food supplies will face consequences.
Delayed or incorrect reporting:Timely and accurate reporting of any irregularities in the direct feeding program is crucial.
Late retirement of funds:Funds allocated for perishable food must be utilized and accounted for promptly”, she highlights.

It also expresses her gratitude to Governor Bala Mohammed for his continuous support in ensuring timely food supplies and overall improvement in the education sector.

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