Engr. Ishaq Dabo supports Toro social media influencers with Cash/Awards


By Sani Mohammed Tilde

Engr. Ishaq Dabo, a young businessman, politician, and youth activist, has arranged an online competition for social media influencers in the Toro Federal Constituency.The honor was given in memory of his older brother, Hon. Dabo Ismail Haruna, the member representing the Toro Federal Constituency.

This unique event, which is the first in the history of the Toro Federal Constituency, aims to recognize and reward the commitment, perseverance, and hard work of individuals who have supported the activities of the current House of Representatives member, Hon. Dabo Ismail Haruna.

Under the banner of “Haske General Media Public Award 2023,” the program assembled young social media influencers who have been actively promoting Hon. Dabo Ismail Haruna’s initiatives over the past year.

The names and images of the candidates they preferred may be used by Toro youths to cast online votes in the comment section. All political parties are able to cast ballots, but the candidates are restricted to those who primarily share the policies and initiatives of the sitting member.

First place went to Salisu Hussain Nahuta with 232 votes, followed by Sulaiman Isah B10 in second place with 229 votes and comr. With 215 votes, Nawas Bukkancy finished in third place.

Elder statesman and former Toro Local Government Chairman Mallam Musa Fakuru called the occasion historic while speaking during it.He cautioned the recipients to uphold the high standards set by Hon. Dabo Ismail Haruna, whose exceptional performance is recognized both inside and outside the Toro Federal Constituency, and to make sure that only reliable information is provided.

Mallam Fakuru praised Engr. Ishaq Dabo for stepping up to highlight the performance of elder brother using this program and said, “Haske, a slogan used by the incumbent Member Representing Toro Federal Constituency, has changed the face of Toro Federal Constituency in just six months.”

Mohammed Abdullahi,Sarkin Narabi, expressed his happiness in his contributions, saying that he is pleased that Engineer Ishaq Dabo is recognizing the hard work of the young social media influencers through the course of his elder brother (the member), by using his hard-earned resources.

The Honorable Member Hon. Babangida Nabordo’s legislative aide, the Director General of Haske Media Network, acknowledges the hard work and sacrifices made by Engineer Ishaq Dabo in advancing his principal’s endeavors by planning this first-ever, momentous occasion.

To preserve the reputation of the lawmaker, the former deputy chairman of Toro Local Government and the chairman of Haske’s elders, Hon. Comr. Idris Matawai, encourage the Haske media influencers to keep up their good work and accomplishments in support of Hon. Dabo Ismail Haruna, without disparaging anyone in the process.

The Hon. Ibrahim Garba Tilde and Chairman (IGBAT) foundation, who was a previous candidate for the Bauchi State House of Assembly Toro/Jama’a in the 2023 elections, encourages young people to use the media responsibly. In order to advance the Local Government, he called for unity among Toro stakeholders and pledged to train additional youth in social media activism.

Hon. Dan Masanin Tilde, a Toro-based APC stakeholder and personal assistant to the minister of foreign affairs, described Engr. Ishaq Dabo as a partner who has been tirelessly utilizing his hard-earned resources to support his elder brother’s endeavors. Many people are here today, he said, because of you, and you are doing enough to help and encourage your older brother, Hon. Ismail Dabo, to become most performing member representing the Toro Federal Constituency.

Engr. Ishaq Dabo, the chief host and organizer of the online event, expressed gratitude to the stakeholders and young people who accepted the invitation to attend despite their busy schedules in his closing remarks.He stated, “This program’s goal is to support and uphold my elder brother’s success story.” We need this kind of engagement if we want him to succeed in his role as member representing the Toro Federal Constituency.

The voting was open to all, regardless of political affiliation, and was not restricted to Haske Media influencers or the network as some may have thought.As evidenced by the votes came within and outside the APC. Members of other political parties also voted, those who closely monitor voting patterns can attest to this.

I would like to reassure you that we will continue to direct, assist, and pray for him to succeed. If he does, Dabo’s family will take pride in their own son having been able to free the Toro Federal Constituency from years of mismanagement and deceit.Because he is representing the Toro Federal Constituency in its entirety and not just his own family, none of his family members are beneficiaries of his appointments for this reason.

We will expand this competition subsequently,this is just the foundation and I encouraged you to carry the message of Hon. Dabo Ismail Haruna to rural communities that more are coming to their doorsteps.Youths and women will continue to be the driver’s of his administration and none who contributed to his success will be left behind. Finally, he said.

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