KNSG Vows to Address Challenges of Climate Change, Erosion


By Abdullahi Jalalalluden

The Kano State government has vowed to address the challenges of Climate Change and Erosion geared towards curtailing environmental difficulties in the state.

The newly appointed Managing Director of Kano State Watershed, Erosion and Climate Management Agency Dr Mohammad Khalil Disclosed this while addressing journalist shortly after assuming duty in Kano.

He said the agency would not relent in ensuring that adequate enlightenment strategies were employed to sensitized the general public on the immediate measures needed to be adopted to address the menace of climate change.

Dr Mohammad Khalil explained that the smoke excreted by industries , and cutting of trees were among the major contributors of climate change , hence all the measures needed to be adopted in managing the trend for the well being of the general public.

” There are a lot of ways that can be provided to enhance the production of energy without cutting down of trees as well as excretion of carbon dioxide by industries which polluted the environment “

He noted that government would relent in ensuring that issues of miners , cutting down of trees for making firewood, excavating sand for building were being supervised and controlled with the aim of erosion control in the state.

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