Members of Kano NUJ Correspondent Chapel Boycott Government Assignments Over Mistreatment


By Abdullahi Jalaluddin

Correspondent Chapel, NUJ, Protests Harassment, Intimidation, and Sideling of Trained Journalists.

The Correspondent Chapel of the Kano State Chapter of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) has announced a boycott of all assignments and activities related to the Kano State Government, effective immediately.

This decision comes in response to the persistent mistreatment of chapel members by the government and its agents.

According to a statement signed by Chairman Aminu Ahmed Garko, despite efforts to engage with the government, members continue to face harassment, intimidation, and physical assault while performing their duties.

The government has also prioritized non-professionals over trained journalists, sidelining those best equipped to handle the job.

The chapel has directed all members to comply with the boycott, which includes non-participation in press conferences, government events, and interviews with state officials.

The protest will continue until the government demonstrates a commitment to press freedom and journalist safety.

The chapel believes a free and independent press is essential to a functioning democracy and will not stand idly by while members are mistreated and intimidated.

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