Kano Residents Groan as Water Scarcity Defies Solution


By Abdullahi Jalaluddin

Despite Government Efforts, Water Shortage Persists, Vendors Exploit Situation

Kano residents are struggling to access water as the scarcity continues to defy government efforts to address it.

A jerrican of water now sells for N150 in the city, and residents are forced to trek long distances to fetch water from philanthropists’ boreholes.

The water scarcity, coupled with poor power supply, has crippled social and economic activities in the ancient city.

Areas worst hit include Dala, Fagge, Gwale, Kano Municipal, Kumbotso, Tarauni, Nassarawa, and Ungogo all within Kano Metropolitan.

Water vendors, known as “Mai Ruwa,” are exploiting the situation, increasing prices by 200%. Residents lament that they are suffering while vendors profit from the scarcity.

The state government has budgeted millions to address the issue, but efforts have been unsuccessful.

The commissioner of Water Resources, Ali Haruna Makoda, blames obsolete equipment and high temperature, but assures that the scarcity will soon be over.

The government claims to have increased water supply from 20% to 60% and is spending N1.2 billion monthly to improve supply. A new water treatment plant is also being constructed with French government support.

Residents remain skeptical, having heard similar promises before. The water scarcity has become an annual phenomenon, and solutions seem elusive.

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