Benefits of CBS: Testimonies by Bauchi Women.


By Murtala Muhammad

Users of modern contraceptives in Duguri District of Alkaleri Local Government Area of Bauchi State have given testimonies on the use of modern Child Birth Spacing (CBS) methods to motherhood and family’s wellbeing.

They gave the testimonies in a chat with newsmen at Duguri Primary Health Centre during a visit by members of the Bauchi State Public Health Media Network on a tour to assess the community’s level of family planning usage.

One of them, a thirty year-old mother of three Zulaihatu Sulaiman said she never developed any complication or problem in the past while using the Long Acting Contraceptive which was not her first.

Zulaihatu disclosed that she has been using modern method of family planning since her first childbirth and was pleased with the positive result so far being experienced.

She explained that other women in the community now see her as role model because her spouse was also appreciative of the family’s collective decision.

Zulaihatu who worn an Ankara wrapper with a white vail, looking neat and healthy said the secret behind her neatness was attributed to her appropriate usage of the CBS method.

Another user of modern contraceptives Asiya Muhammad who said its benefits were numerous stated that apart from the parents or family the larger society also benefits.

Asiya Muhammad who is also a CBS community mobilizer said unlike in the past, spouses nowadays accept the use of modern contraceptives and the result is obvious.

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