We need reversal of Kano State Emirates Council law – Bichi Emirate Forum cries out


By Abdullahi Jalaluddin

The people of Bichi, under the auspices of the Bichi Emirate Forum, have vehemently rejected the new law promulgated by the Kano State House of Assembly, which dissolved the five emirates, including Bichi.

The Secretary of the forum, Alhaji Bello Bichi, made the call while addressing newsmen in Kano .

They demanded an immediate reversal of the law, insisting that they would not accept any decision that undermines the autonomy of their emirate.

He highlighted the significant development strides recorded by the Bichi emirate since its inception, including the employment of over 3,000 youths and various projects in health, education, economy, and infrastructure.

Bello Bichi emphasized that the emirate has also witnessed cultural development, such as moon sighting and Sallah durbar, which have brought immense benefits to the people.

He stressed that the people of Bichi are ready to resist any attempt to impose a second-class emir or district head on their local government.

He reiterated that the entire people in the 19 local government areas under Bichi emirate have rejected the new law and would not obey it.

Chairman of the forum, Aminu Abdulrahman Bichi, called on authorities to intervene and compel the Kano State Assembly to reverse the new law, describing it as unwise and selfish.

He emphasized that the emirates serve as development centers and should be allowed to continue their good work. The forum demanded an immediate reversal of the law to restore the autonomy of the Bichi emirate.

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