Governor Abba Kabir’s One Year in Office: A Scorecard of Success – NNPP Chairman


By Abdullahi Jalaluddin

The Chairman of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) in Kano State, Hashimu Dungurawa, has commended Governor Abba Kabir’s administration for its impressive achievements in the last one year.

Speaking to newsmen in his office , Dungurawa highlighted the significant strides made in education, infrastructure, health, agriculture, youth and women empowerment.

According to Dungurawa, the Governor’s commitment to education has resulted in improved access to quality education, with the construction of new schools and the renovation of existing ones.

He also praised the administration’s efforts in infrastructure development, citing the completion of several road projects and the upgrade of public transportation.

In the health sector, Dungurawa noted the establishment of new healthcare facilities and the provision of medical equipment, which has improved healthcare delivery in the state.

He also commended the government’s initiatives in agriculture, which have empowered farmers and improved food security.

The NNPP chairman also acknowledged the administration’s efforts in youth and women empowerment, citing the creation of job opportunities and the provision of training and skills acquisition programs.

Dungurawa’s commendation comes as Governor Abba Kabir marks his one year in office, and it is seen as a testament to the administration’s commitment to delivering on its campaign promises.

The Governor’s achievements have resonated with the people of Kano State, who have expressed their appreciation for the positive impact of his policies on their lives.

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