By Abubakar Waziri

People have been advised to stop consuming food that was forcefully ripened using substances like “metaphor and cabite”.

The warning was issued by the acting Vice Chairman of the Federal Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), Dr. Adamu Abdullahi, during a sensitization program in Bauchi.

He warns regarding the forceful ripening of fruits, adulterated palm oil, and contaminated meat and grains.

According to him Consuming such goods is said to be hazardous to the human system and can destroy vital organs in the body.

He attributes recent cholera outbreak to the continued use of substandard products that have been contaminated by using chemicals for ripening.

The Director of Consumer and business education at the FCCPC Yahaya Garba kudan emphasizing the dangers of these adulterated and contaminated food items which he said affect not only the health of the populace and well being but also the integrity of food chain.

Some of the participants Alh Shuhu Liman Rabiu Adamu Fada Zuwaira Isa and Christina Babatunde commended the commission of the enlightenment and promise to step down the knowledge acquire.

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